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Cape Town’s Best Beaches

Cities with beaches offer some of the finest travel experiences imaginable. The combination of city culture and sandy relaxation is...

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5 reasons to visit South America this year

South America is one of those destinations that most people have somewhere on their ‘must-visit’ list. There’s a mysticism about...

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Chile: A land of earth, fire and ice

There is nowhere on Earth quite like Chile. For those unaware of its geographical uniqueness, have a quick Google… Lying...

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Things to Know Before Heading to the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago paradise, known for their incredibly diverse and rare collection of endemic species. These...

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Why Sri Lanka is the Best Destination for Culture & Wildlife Lovers?

Sri Lanka is a fascinating destination with an abundance of culture and opportunities for wildlife encounters. If your idea of...

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24 Hours in Dubai

Dubai offers so much to see and do that you could not possibly cover it all in 24 hours –...

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Europe’s best cruising destinations

Is there a more quintessentially European scene than a slow-moving river flanked by aged buildings and church spires? It is...

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India: 3 days in New Delhi

India is one of those remarkable destinations that has an effect on all who visit. It is a country unlike...

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3 Days in Cape Town

The largest city and most southerly city in Africa, Cape Town is surrounded by natural beauty – the powerful silhouette...

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South Africa: 10 Fun Facts

South Africa is famous for a great many things: its wine, its beautiful beaches, Table Mountain… It is a destination...

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